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Eva’s smile


Eva’s smile

Originally uploaded at Flickr

This is my youngest niece Eva – 3 years old. Such a prissy little girl and so sweet. Though she does take after her momma & has quite a temper that she uses when she wants to. In fact, a few weeks ago I called sister #2 to ask if I could pop in for a few minutes since I was in the area, hadn’t seen the kiddos in a few days & needed to kill some time. As I walked in the door, there was Eva gearing up for a tantrum about something. I could tell it was gonna be a big one just by the rapidly rising pitch & volume. She didn’t see me come in. I shut the door she looked at me with angry eyes and then… recognition. A huge smile came over her face, the tantrum completely forgotten & she said “Hi Aunt Stacy!” My sis & I cracked up in hysterics at the sudden transformation. It was like watching the Tasmanian Devil turn into Snow White in a split second. She can be a challenge but when she’s sweet it completely turns me into a puddle of mush.

I used my 55-200mm lens on the auto profile setting. Nothing fancy as I took it the first weekend I had the camera.


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