a new pet?


 Uploaded at Flickr

One of the guys at work found this little creature out in the yard. This is a snake I could be OK with – it’s only about 6″ long. Looked it up online & it’s just a ring-necked snake and not a bad one to have around – eats bugs & such and doesn’t get very big (8-12″ max). It’s funny, when it was found we all were checking it out while it was being held by a coworker  (me included) and the one we have nicknamed Eeyore came up, saw what had captured our attention, screamed like a little girl & wouldn’t even get within 6′ of the thing. Needless to say, that was reason enough for him to get chased by the snake-wielding coworker. Yes, we are children & love to torment each other. Remind me later to post our adventures with a fake cockroach – now THAT is fun 🙂



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