whoa… & that’s not even all of them

in order L to R: Elijio (Bubba), Kelsey, Vallei (Luzita), Eva, Nathan

in order L to R: Elijio (Bubba), Kelsey, Vallei (Luzita), Eva, Nathan

First off, I must admit that I did not take this photo but I had to post it because I don’t have many of most of the kids together & it was cute. My mom took it the weekend of Kennesaw’s Touch A Truck – which happened to be the same weekend as the CCC women’s retreat so I wasn’t there (because I would NEVER miss an opportunity to do fun stuff with the kiddos!) This is only 5 out of 7 of the nieces & nephews. Ben was here for a couple of months with his 3 before heading back to Texas to be with Linda in April. She has since joined the Army & has just been stationed out in Hawaii. Ben & the kiddos moved out there yesterday. Funny thing is Gramm & Popps  (AKA my mom & dad) flew out to Hawaii with their best friends Jan & Mike to spend 2 weeks in celebration of their anniversaries and had planned to do so before all of this transpired with Ben. They’re hoping to see each other while there.

Luzita is the oldest at 5yrs. Kelsey, Bubba & Nathan are all 4yrs (b-days in Dec, Jan & Feb respectively) and Eva is 3. Missing from the photo are Scotty & Gavin – both just turned a year old and their b-days are only 10 days apart! Luzita & Bubba have only been a part of our lives for a short time but all of the kids get along so well. Just wish the distance wasn’t such a factor in strengthening those relationships! I grew up living far away from one cousin in particular but we spent summers together at my grandparents’ in MO and I wouldn’t trade those memories for the world. I can only hope & pray that, even though they may be far apart, they will still have opportunities to be together & make some incredible memories.


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