the best things in life are free… especially in St Louis

We used to spend our summers with the grandparents in Kansas City and St Louis and did all kinds of things while visiting. It’s been fun exploring St Louis with the kiddos since they’re old enough to really get into it. And StL is such a kid-friendly city – so many things are free (or not so expensive as to break the bank). We spent a day at the zoo… which was FREE. And it’s a fantastic zoo – sorry, Atlanta, but yours is not up to par and could take some lessons from them. We only hit about a third of the park but didn’t feel too bad about it since we hadn’t spent a whole lot of $$$ while inside. Our only expenses were lunch and a ride on the train – Nathan was in heaven 🙂 – and we did it on our way out. I say “we” but Popps footed the bill for lunch (gotta love going places with the grandparents). Here’s a little collage of our trip. I love the picture of Nate standing next to the RR crossing. The train was about to cross and he was beside himself with excitement. He’s been obsessed with trains since he could talk and the fascination just seems to get stronger. Kelsey & Eva had a blast – they loved the giraffes and zebras – and Gavin got into watching the monkeys. He kept trying to reach through the glass to get at them. In all, an excellent day.



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