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sweet success

I did it. I went to Publix yesterday and purchased 19 items with a retail value of $62.99 and my wallet was only $6.60 lighter when I walked out of the store. You read that correctly. SIX DOLLARS AND SIXTY CENTS! A savings of over $56!

Now, I did go in with intent only to buy specific items that were on sale and I had manufacturer and store coupons for but now I’ve got a nice little stockpile of things and can spend some $$$ on other stuff like produce & meat. I stacked Qs so I actually made money on a couple of items which made up for some others that did cost a bit out of pocket. Here’s what I got:

2 boxes General Mills cereal (gotta have my Lucky Charm fix every now & then!)
1 Publix reusable bag (FREE! the Q is on the cereal boxes – get ’em while you can -they don’t expire until 2010)
2 boxes Mrs Pauls fish fillets
2 boxes Jello
2 Covergirl eyeliners
1 Scotch bubble mailer (ya never know when you gotta mail something)
3 (6pk) Motts applesauce
2 bottles vitamins (I made $$$ on these – $1.72!)
3 Coles garlic bread (great for those meals to be taken to friends w/ new babies)
1 half gallon organic milk

Now if I could only figure out how to save this much on shoes…



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