the weekend of parties – part 1

My Saturday was full of activities and managed to snap a couple of photos at each one. First up was a birthday party for 2 very sweet boys turning 6 and 7 (family friends). Honestly, I wasn’t going to go since I don’t have kiddos of my own BUT then the invitation said ‘no presents – just boxes of mac & cheese for MUST Ministries’. Talk about tugging at the heart strings – how sweet is that?! I had to go at least for a little while. The nieces & nephew were there, of course, and all the kids had a blast with a big moon walk/slide, decorating their own gingerbread magnets, and best of all… getting to decorate their own cupcakes. The first shot has the 2 birthday boys (in matching shirts) and my nephew there in the background. And the second, you guessed it, the nieces.

Did I ever mention that when I purchased my Nikon, I also got an external flash? It is the greatest thing ever (ok maybe not ever but it’s pretty darn good). It really allows me to get some good lighting without that harsh flash-in-your-face-and-making-everything-washed-out look. I’m learning to bounce it off of the ceiling & such to get some good shots. Just figured I’d better talk about some photography since it’s been a while 🙂

the boys

the girls


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