the weekend of parties – part 2

The second stop on my whirlwind of a Saturday was out in Decatur (which is the other side of the world from my place). But the drive was well worth it. A dear friend from my Reinhardt days extended an invitation to “Pattenfest”. An annual party she & her hubby throw with tons of fabulous food, out-of-the-ordinary beers (everybody brings something to contribute – the rarer, the better), college football, and interesting conversation. They even had swag for everyone – I ended up with an official Pattenfest koozie and a great poster designed by one of her friends (part of which is in my little collage below).  I got to chat with a couple of other people that I hadn’t seen since ‘way back when’ – so much fun catching up. Before if got too dark, she wanted a group photo, and I of course had my camera with the remote handy. (You can tell I was trying to get the blasted thing to work and about to walk up to it when it finally clicked.) Can’t wait until next year – bring on the swag!

Pattenfest 2009



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