oh the madness

It’s been a whirlwind of activity the past few days (but when are the holidays not insane?!) I’m still here & hope to post some pictures soon. Took a ton over the Thanksgiving week while in Missouri visiting the extended family. But in the meantime, here are some things that the nieces & nephews entertained me with on the trip…

Kelsey & Eva are quite the divas when it comes to singing to the Glee Soundtrack. They can belt out Don’t Stop Believin’ like Steve Perry (though they don’t like the Journey version – but their aunt will see to it that changes)! And they have become masters of air guitar, drums & mic. I can tell you we sang those songs more than once while travelling and I’m sure Gramm & Popps were tired of it but the girls are so darn cute it’s hard to say no.

Eva is usually saying something funny but my favorite was “Mommy’s always up to something”

Nathan is quite the practical one. The girls were imagining we were driving into a volcano (because they’re everywhere in Missouri you know) and they were the super heroes (Super Pink Girl and Super Purple Girl) and saved us all from every danger we encountered. The whole time, when the girls would come up with another obstacle, he would just “No, that’s just a water tower” or “that’s just a truck”. Guess somebody’s gotta keep us grounded. (now when it comes to playing with trains or cars, his imagination runs wild!)

Gavin was hilarious. He’s at that age when he tries to repeat anything you ask him to say – even if it comes out a garbed mess (Aunt Suzanne is a fun one to hear him say). But when he’s bored with being our little puppet, he’ll say “all done”. Guess he got really tired of everything because about the 3rd day of the trip, he started to growl at us. And not just a doggie-type growl but a lizard-type hiss/growl. Remember that scene in Jurassic Park where Newman from Seinfeld got attacked in the jeep? That kind of sound. Wide open mouth, wrinkled nose, and cute as a button. We, of course, laughed at him doing this so it became a game. What a nut.



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