trip down memory lane

Several weeks ago we were at the parents’ place, when mom disappeared with my 2 nieces. Next thing we knew, here come Kelsey & Eva walking out in these dresses. I’m sure you’re wondering what is up with all the ruffles?! These dresses were from weddings when Shari & I were flower girls for our aunt & uncle! The pink one Shari wore in our uncle’s wedding in 1985 and I wore the peach one in our aunt’s wedding in 1981! OK, I know you’re doing the math. Yes, I was 9 and yes, my niece is wearing the dress at nearly 4 years old BUT it was rather big on her & as it was knee-length on me, it is floor-length on her. I wasn’t that much of a runt. 😉

Any-who, I couldn’t believe mom still had the dresses! She keeps everything! And, even more amazing, she made the dresses. In fact, she made matching dresses for both of us for both weddings – though sis didn’t make it down the aisle in the peach one (she was only 3 at the time). If I remember correctly, the pink ones she made without a pattern – she was given a picture of the bridesmaids dresses & created ours from there. Incredible. (Just one more to add to the ga-gillion reasons why I love my mom.)

Since I was already feeling nostalgic, I decided to give the shot an old polaroid effect too.


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