23/365 – 2010

serious cuteness

I got to take care of this little guy while his momma & daddy had a date night (big sis was away for the weekend). It was fun having just him to hang out with for the evening. Not that I don’t like spending time with the niece, it’s just that he tends to get the shaft when it’s the 2 of them since he’s little & she’s a talker & wants to do ‘big kid stuff’ with the aunt who always has gum. Anyway, he thought he was big stuff, getting all the attention… drinking out of a big kid cup with a straw… sitting on the big stool at the island for a snack… playing a little hide & seek while eating that snack… it was fun.

(here’s a trick of the trade – an ‘aunt’ secret, if you will: let ’em do stuff they don’t normally do with the parents and they will think you hang the moon)


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