64/365 – 2010

* my blanket *

This is my baby blanket. Mom made it when she was pregnant with me & I slept with it for the longest time (no, not up until last week, smarty pants). It had been in with her sewing stuff for years because it needed a couple of stitches fixed & I picked it up while at the house the other night.

You know how quirky kids can be with their attachments & I was no different… had my corner that I had to hold and it HAD to be in my right hand. It was just one of the corners of the blanket that had a small piece of yarn hanging where mom had tied it off – but it was mine. Even half asleep, I would rotate the blanket around until I found it. Mom made each of us 4 kids a blanket but I think I was the only one that really bonded with mine – maybe because mine was the best?! 😉 It’s not the softest thing in the world – I mean, it was made in the 70’s for goodness sakes. But so much love and care went into each crocheted stitch and I love every inch of it.

Thanks Mom!

Mar 5

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