65/365 – 2010

* the princess awaits her guests *

Eva’s  birthday party was Saturday (officially, she’ll be 4 on Monday). This girls loves purple and anything Disney Princess but specifically Tinkerbell – and being the intuitive aunt I am, I gave her another Tink nightgown to add to her collection. Seriously, I think she could wear a different one everyday for 2 weeks straight! 😉

When Eva & Kelsey get together they are an absolute riot. Throughout the party, I think the 2 girls changed clothes about 15 times… each. At one point, Eva came out of her room to get some help putting on her Cinderella gloves. As I came to her rescue, she told me very matter of factly:

Kelsey & I are going to the ball. There’s a pretend carriage that will pick us up and we’re going! Really!

And then she was off like a flash… here’s hoping she does find her Prince Charming (but a VERY long time from now!)

Happy 4th birthday Eva!

Mar 6



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