100/365 – 2010

picture spring day 10: catch lights

Today look for the light in the eyes of a loved one and capture a little bit of their spirit

I spent the evening with nephew Scotty while his daddy was at work. We had a great time… Mickey pancakes for supper (because an aunt can do it, that’s why), played out on the back deck & watched for airplanes in the sky, played inside with his toys (I was under an all out dinosaur attack at one point). But my favorite part of the night was spent with him on my lap, scrolling through photos on the computer – he was winding down for the evening and was so sweet & cuddly. For today’s shot, I snagged one from our time on the deck. The sun coming through the trees just filled his eyes and really made them sparkle like the kid he is. Boy, do I love being an aunt.

April 10


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