113/365 – 2010

* this takes serious concentration *

Watched my niece & nephew tonight and, after the little guy went to bed, Kelsey & I played some serious games of Guess Who? and Candyland. I picked up this Disney version of Guess Who a while ago on ebay. I debated giving it to one of the kids as a gift but decided against it. Not to be mean, of course, but figured it would be a good thing to hang on to and take as a special treat when I babysit. And I’m glad I did because it is always a hit.

(today’s Picture Spring prompt was to be of a project… I had a project that I was working on for my sister’s b-day but decided not to take the photo & post it because I didn’t want to ruin the surprise. Had I known I’d be so far behind in posting, I would have done it any way!)

April 23

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