133/365 – 2010

* graduation day – part 2 *

Today nephew Nathan graduated from preschool. It was another adorable ceremony. The best part was probably the fact that he didn’t sing along with any of his classmates during their little performance. When they got done, I asked him why he wasn’t singing. His answer: I just didn’t feel like it. Such a boy. I love. love. love this photo. I love that he’s got both the girls practically in head-locks and that Eva is staring up at her big brother. They may fight like cats & dogs sometimes but she really does think he hangs the moon – that is quite evident. It’s such a blessing that these cousins are growing up together. Some of my fondest memories of my childhood include my cousin & my sister – the 3 of us were quite the trio – and I pray the same goes for this bunch.

May 13


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