171/365 – 2010 (father’s day)

* hello dear ol’ dad *

It’s Father’s Day and we congregated at the parents’ place for lunch to celebrate… steak, potatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, & all finished off with strawberry shortcake. yum. My dad is awesome. Have I said that lately? Probably not nearly enough. He’s my hero. He’s put up with so much living in a house with mostly women (I felt bad for him & my brother sometimes growing up – all the drama they had to endure!) and he was always there for us no matter what. I remember a particular youth function when I was about 13 or 14 – I was upset because some boy that I liked had ignored me and Dad found me outside pouting (see? o the drama). He made me feel so much better with his tender words and encouragement. In fact there are many moments over my 30+ years that he has said just the right thing that I needed to hear at just the right moment. He’s funny, loving, strong in his faith, supportive, and, as odd as this may seem, he’s full of random trivia (this comes in handy sometimes, but it’s often a curse when playing girls vs. guys in Trivial Pursuit!) And now that he’s a grandfather, he’s the kids’ “go-to-guy” for M&Ms. It’s the little things like that & so many more reasons too numerous to count that make him who he is & why we love him!

Thanks for everything, Dad! Happy Father’s Day!

june 20

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