205/365 – 2010

* Scott Kelby 3rd Annual Worldwide PhotoWalk *

Participated in this year’s photowalk again only this time the one I chose was a little closer to home: Marietta (went to Athens/UGA last year). I didn’t take near the amount of pictures this time around. Probably because it was H-O-T! Met up with 3 other ladies at the start of the walk and spent most of the time with 1 in particular. It was fun getting to know her & talking shop – especially since both of us are very much beginners in the photography world. And the idea that thousands of people around the world are doing the very same thing is pretty cool (there were over 1100 cities with over 33,000 people participating!). Definitely going to need to do another one when it’s not quite so sweltering outside.

Throughout the summer & into fall, the city has their ‘farmers market’ set up on the square. Local vendors set up their wares and people flock to it. I had no idea but I’ll definitely be taking advantage of the fresh veggies in the future. There were all kinds of booths set up but this one kept drawing me back to it. The flowers were so vibrant and gorgeous and the people who ran it were so friendly. A lovely couple of asian descent that welcomed us in to take photos & were happy to tell us all about their flowers. And when I say that the flowers were vibrant, I’m not kidding. This photo is SOOC – except for a bit of cropping – not edited at all. Look at that color. stunning.

july 24



  1. #1 by gashuttergirl on 1 August 2010 - 5:47 pm

    Very nice Stacy. I didn’t make it on the Woodstock walk because of the rain. I went to the grocery store when the rain stopped at around when I would have still been on the walk and the sky was beautiful. I am sad that I didn’t make it, but I know, even after the rain stopped, that the heat and humidity would have killed me. We definitely need to get everyone together when it starts to get cooler and do a photowalk all our own (we could start our won tradition).

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