242/365 – 2010

* love these guys *

I let the day slip by without taking a picture so while I was searching for something to edit, I found this shot. My brother has been on my mind a good bit the past couple of days – he’s doing well in his new security job in Iraq and I’m so proud of him. I just hope & pray he stays safe.

I love this photo of these two. You can tell Ben is totally enamoured of his nephew (and, I’m sure, missing his own little man, Scotty who was spending time with his mom & siblings in Hawaii. Gav & Scotty are only 10 days apart in age). And have I ever mentioned that as soon as our sisters starting having babies, he decided he wanted to be called Uncle B? The reason: he did not want to be known as an old man on a box of rice 🙂

And how cute is Gavin’s bucket hat?! seriously.

aug 30 edit day: enhanced color & ran coffeeshop soft autumn glow action with layer opacity adjustments

  1. #1 by bex on 30 August 2010 - 11:12 pm

    HI! I saw your comment on Coffeeshop and had to see your blog. I am also an aunt armed with gum (and a mom armed with gum)! Anyway, I love your shots – great perspectives. Your description makes you sound like an amateur but you have great talent!

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