275/365 – 2010

* a much needed & very overdue day of games *

Every few weeks, I spend a lazy afternoon with Jes and all we do is play board games and eat junk food. (and I wonder how those extra pounds got there… hello) A while back, Mom was cleaning out closets and said we could lay claim to the games. I scooped up Sorry!, Clue, Life, and a couple others. They’re oldies but goodies and very well-loved (translate: boxes are falling apart). I brought Life to Girls Weekend and we had such a blast playing – I had forgotten just how much fun it was and so glad to share it with my favorite gals. So Jes & I ended up playing it today and it did not start out well for either of us. We decided that it was because we were playing it without Ang & Beka – the Milton Bradley gods were not happy 😉

I did give the photo a bit of a 70’s look to it but the game really looks vintage. Especially the costs & values of things… Buy a house – pay $40,000… um – WHERE?!… Doctor’s salary: $50,000… pay them more – I want my surgeon to be motivated to get it right the first time… Have children – friends give you gifts: $1000 per child… yes, please… Sure, it may be outdated but is it ever fun.

oct 2

  1. #1 by angie on 3 October 2010 - 10:57 pm

    you played without us?! shame on you! no wonder the milton bradley gods were out to get you!!

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