295/365 – 2010

* he’s got Popps wrapped around his little finger *

I love this photo and I’ll tell you why: I love that Popps & Gavin look deep in conversation. I love that Gav is wearing a Superman shirt. I love that his jeans are almost too short (it’s been a long time coming). And most of all I love that Gavin has it all figured out and he’s only two. What is it that he’s figured out, you ask? He knows that when Popps shows up to a softball game, a trip to the concession stand for a treat is soon to follow. The big kids already know this and it didn’t take the Gavster long to clue in – especially since cookies were involved. Popps loves it. It’s what he does.

oct 22 (edit day: no time for a photo… class reunion is tomorrow and have too many things to get done!)

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