300/365 – 2010

* poor shop cat *

Shop cat used up one of his nine lives yesterday. Not sure what happened but he was out the night before (which he’s done many, many times) but usually turns up in the morning ready to eat. Only he didn’t show up that morning. Or at lunch time. My boss found him in the afternoon upstairs in the shop curled in a little ball, covered in mud, barely breathing & looking positively miserable. Beth took him to the vet: got some eye drops & a shot of antibiotics with a diagnosis of a respiratory infection. So here he is a day later, looking much better and not very happy about getting the eye drops but still not strong enough to put up much of a fight.

oct 27 (day 300!!! holy moly. 65 days left in the project… 65 days left in the year. where did it go?)

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