316/365 – 2010

* mystery reader *

Surprised my nephew at school today when I walked through the door as the Mystery Reader during snack time. There he is: 3rd one back on the blue row acting all cool, like it’s no big deal I was there… such a boy thing to do. Gotta play it cool in front of his friends. It was fun. I had the kids guess who I was. Since sis #2 came along (and was able to snap some pics – thanks Suz!), they had a good idea I was related to Nathan. One guessed I was his mom (hello?! his mom comes in to volunteer once a week! and she’s standing right behind me!), another guessed I was his grandmother (AACK! my worst nightmare! how old do they think I am?!) and finally one sweet little girl guessed “his auntie” (thank you dear child, your sweet voice might just help me recover from that last guess). I took in one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books from when I was a kid: The Sneetches and other Stories. The kids were wowed when I told them that the book was older than Nathan’s mom. Lots of “whoa”s on that one. Only a couple of kids had heard of the book so no worries of the kiddos being bored with a story they already knew. I love the story of the Sneetches – a good lesson about prejudice… what you have & how you look doesn’t make you better than another. Love Dr Seuss & how he worked in those lessons in a unique & entertaining way. I read another story called Too Many Daves; it’s short (only 3 pages) and no real lesson but it is a cute one.

Did I ever tell you about Mrs. McCave who had 23 sons and she named them all Dave…

nov 12

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