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358/365 – 2010

* rise, baby, rise *

It’s Christmas Eve and it’s been quite a day. The besties and I were able to meet baby Joshua just an hour or so after he came into this world. We had the grandiose idea that we would be in the delivery room cheering Beka on but her blasted blood pressure did not want to cooperate so a c-section was necessary. So so so very thankful that there were no complications; Beka did beautifully and their baby boy arrived healthy and as cute as a button!

After the baby adventure, it was time to meet up with the family for a candlelight service at mom & dad’s church. It was different this year not being at the church we had grown up in but it was a lovely service and such a blessing to have been surrounded by familiar faces (many of my parents’ friends attend here as well). The 3 big kids sat by me and I, of course, couldn’t have been happier.

One Christmas tradition when we all lived at home was enjoying homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast after opening presents. Since the old homestead is now an empty nest, dear old Dad preps a pan of cinnamon rolls and tub of icing for each of us to take home on Christmas Eve so they can rise overnight, be popped in the oven, and promptly get gobbled up Christmas morning.

so good. so gooey. so hard to wait until the morning to bake them.

dec 24


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