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picture it outside the box: focus on the eyes

{picture it outside of the box: focus on the eyes}

In portraits the eyes should almost always be the focus. I say almost because sometimes you want to be totally “out of the box” and focus on something else, but usually when I take portraits I aim for my focal point to be on one of the eyes.

Eyes, being the windows to the soul, hold something special in portraits, and that is the real reason I love to focus on them. Often times you will catch some really cool reflections, too.

Love nephew Gavin’s big brown eyes in this shot. I can’t remember what he was so worried about but oh how this face can melt me in a split second. It’s like a Jedi mind trick, I swear. Please don’t look at me like that, little guy… ok, you can have whatever you want. Another poptart? Sure. M&Ms at 8:30am? No problem. All the cash in my wallet? Help yourself.

(I think I’ve just been had)


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