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picture it outside the box: hold it

Since project 365 is winding down, I’ve been searching for some new inspiration. You wouldn’t believe how many sites there are out there with weekly photo challenges and link-ups. But I’ve found a handful that I’ve been scoping out for a few weeks now on some of my favorite photog sites and this is for one of them. I love Mishelle’s work so I decided to give her challenge a test spin. Hoping to learn something from her & the other entries. So here goes…

The challenge for {Week 3} of “Picture It Outside of the Box” is: Hold It

I love seeing a camera in a photographer’s hand.  There’s just something incredibly sexy about it.   Show me how you hold your camera.   This can be as basic as a bathroom mirror reflection or you can really take it “outside of the box”—you decide!


Looking forward to what she comes up with for next week.

UPDATE: Made it into the submission showcase for this week! 🙂 Woot!

2nd update: this is also my pic for day 321 of project 365… (yeah, I’m lazy & didn’t have anything else. so what.)


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