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214/365 – 2010

* a new friend *

I know, I know – I’m skipping ahead but I could not let this day pass by without posting today’s shot! I’ll get to the others soon enough – they’re edits anyway so don’t get your panties in a wad.

Several weeks ago, Shutter Sisters offered up a little project: Snail Mail Shutter Pals for Shutter Sisters! A throwback to days of my youth: pen pals. Always looking for something fun to do with my photos, I signed up! I mean who doesn’t love checking the mail & finding something more than bills & junkmail?!  Today I received my first card from my Shutter Sister in North Dakota. I was so excited and I so needed it. I was having a miserable afternoon – no reason really, but I’m a girl & that’s how it goes sometimes – and when I opened the mailbox my mood completely did a 180. There was just a short note on the back of the photo she sent me, a lovely story about her visit to Germany & the shot she took. But it totally made my day. I love the idea of sharing an interest with someone faraway, getting to know her through the camera lens and hoping I can share a bit of myself through mine.

Don’t worry, my new found friend, yours will be arriving in the next few days. 🙂

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